About us

I am Arette Burger, the proud owner/founder of The Good Gift.

With over 25 years of experience as a play therapist, including 4 years overseas and 8 years conducting corporate evaluations, I am currently immersed in my Ph.D. journey. Through my extensive career, I've come to understand that purpose propels the journey, and passion serves as the guiding light. The divine calling on my life from God, marked by an anointing that breaks the yoke, has been the driving force behind my achievements.

My longstanding dream of a wellness wheel, a singular place encompassing all essential elements, has materialized in the form of The Holistic Solution symbolized by an apple/wheel. This dream-come-true establishment is a comprehensive one-stop shop, catering to diverse needs.

Conducting assessments to unearth strengths, talents, and align individuals with God's plan has been a profound undertaking.

Recognizing the scarcity of therapists and individuals equipped for this profound purpose led me to create The Good Gift Evaluation. In the apple/wheel there is a segment called The Holistic Evaluation and Therapy. There you will find The Good Gift Evaluation that you can complete. Designed for all demographics, ensuring its appeal across various age groups and personality types.

The Good Gift is a self-evaluation tool designed for individual completion, offering comprehensive, tailored feedback on diverse facets impacting optimal functioning, productivity, and performance under pressure. This extraordinary product is a testament to my journey, purpose, and commitment to facilitating a holistic well-being.

Additionally, I offer detailed courses delving into the feedback process. Recognizing the constraints of physical reach, these courses ensure that no information is lost, allowing participants to revisit and absorb the content at their convenience.

This can be life changing if implemented correctly in your life.
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